An-Fa International Medical Service Center


An-Fa Clinic provides customers professionally personal service which is consisted of physicians and coordinators.

An-Fa Clinic may take care of all the necessary procedures for customers before/after accepting medical service: professional medical consultation, arrangement of travel schedule and accommodation before customers’ arrival; providing medical reports after medical exam/evaluation and the follow-up check. An-Fa Clinic’s all-directionally international medical team will offer custom-made service and care for every customer.

Specialty of Service

  • Separately Comfortable Environment
Personal privacy is highly respected in An-Fa Clinic. An-Fa offers each customer separate room during medical checking and giving advice, possesses precision instrument of physiological exam, lovely-comfortable environment, and warmly professional medical team. 
  • Prompt appointment for consultation service

An-Fa provides dedicated phone line/email for Chinese/English consultation.

  • Complete Service of Referral System
An-Fa cooperates with superior teaching hospitals and clinics, which make up the most complete service of referral system.
  • Considerate Customer Service

An-Fa Clinic provides multi-lingual service and designated personnel for offering the following special services: assistance of making medical appointments and contacting with physicians, arrangement of medical treatments and travel schedule, documents and application for entry permit(visa), arrangement of domestic transportation and accommodation, assistance of problem-solving on medical administrative procedure, reception of arrival to hospital/clinics, assistance of applying extension of entry permit(visa), service of discharge from hospital, other services depending on customers’ demand.

Service for International Customers

  • Before Access of Medical Service

Making medical appointments, making reservation or reconfirming for flight seats and other transportation, arrangement of travel schedule to Taiwan.

  • During Access of Medical Service

Offer of translator, assistance on procedure of access of medical service in hospital/clinic, confirming correct comprehension of patients about physicians’ interpretation/prescription, arrangement of sightseeing for customers’ family.

  • After Access of Medical Service

Assistance of acquiring summary of treatment (medical history), medical certificate, medical prescription and image files of medical exam (DVD), keep customers contacting with his/her own physicians, arranging follow-up check and treatment.

Meals for International Customers

All sorts of meals according to international customers’ request, including regular meal, vegetarian meal, and other different optional meals. An-Fa’s dietitian also offer nutritional consultation service to international customers’ family. An-Fa Clinic expects all customers enjoying nutritious-delicious meals during staying in our place.